Steadfast towards your success

In the eye of the storm it is difficult to find and implement the optimal systems and structures for your business to support its growth.
dlP Business Consulting is a boutique consultancy that will expertly pinpoint and execute the solutions to these challenges in order to propel your business forward. 

Discover true potential

dlP Business Consulting will navigate your business through the unknown. We understand the struggle to meet the challenges of growth and will expertly chart your course to success with innovative solutions in the form of structures and procedures. 
In the eye of the storm it is difficult to find and implement the optimal systems and structures for your business to support its growth.

Guided by strategy

With years of experience delivering wins for multi-disciplinary engineering teams on portfolios of product and service-based programs to various Canadian and International customers, dlP Business Consulting is committed to advancing your organization with confidence, precision and excellence.

Calmer Waters Ahead

Whether it is winning a competitive bid, passing an audit, attaining a key milestone, streamlining processes, deploying new tools or increasing employee engagement, success is on the horizon when you partner with dlP Business Consulting.  Our solutions are fully customized to achieve your goals.

Why you should choose dlP Business Consulting


We draw upon 20 years of leadership experience in a wide range of product and services portfolios to tailor a custom solution that meets your business needs.


Establishing a vision and a sound strategic plan to get there is key.  Let dlP Business Consulting guide you through the strategy process.

Top-notch services

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Capturing new business

Capture management campaigns

Are you missing out on opportunities because RFPs seem to be geared to your competition? We can help you plan an effective capture management campaign.

Strategic positioning

Do you find offset commitments & rules around Industrial Technical Benefits confusing? We can help you position yourself to attract customers seeking Canadian content to meet their obligations.

Value based pricing

Are estimating your costs & coming up with the right price a challenge? We can help you take a disciplined approach to pricing to increase your probability of win.

Winning proposals

Does the art of proposal writing elude you? We can help you pull together the necessary elements of a winning proposal.

Delivering value while maximizing profitability

Project management

Do your teams struggle to meet milestones & budgets? We can help you implement project management best practices.

Risk management

Do problems & issues seem to creep up on you when it is too late to take action? We can help you identify & manage risks to mitigate them before they impact you.

Strategic planning

Do you have an inspiring vision, but are not sure how to get there? We can help you develop an actionable strategic plan with the necessary KPIs to track your progress.


Are you embarking on a new way of doing things, such as deploying a new tool or process? We can help you through the change management journey to achieve your planned improvements as quickly as possible.

What our clients are saying

When one of our critical business systems was severely under performing, we decided to bring dlP Business Consulting in to have a look.  Marc took the time to listen to our needs and customize a solution that would work for us.  
“He helped us quickly resolve the issues, and productivity improved immediately.  Working with Marc felt like working with a partner truly vested in our success.”
Carmen MacKenzie, VP Sales & Marketing, MacKenzie Healthcare Technologies

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