What's in a name?

When I decided to start my own consulting business, I struggled to find a good name.  I wanted something nautically themed due to Halifax's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and because of my love of sailing.  Unfortunately, all the good names had been taken:  Compass Consulting, Mainsail Consulting, Leeward Consulting etc...  Jokingly, I thought, what about Poop Deck Consulting?  What is a Poop Deck anyway? 

Well, after a quick search online, I learned the origin of Poop Deck comes from the French word Poupe, which means Stern.  It is on the Stern Deck, which is located above the Quarterdeck, that a sailing ship is navigated and commanded. 

That is how de la Poupe or dlP Business consulting came to be.  The name speaks to my French-Canadian heritage, is nautically themed, matches my quirky sense of humour, and speaks to the raison d'être of my business, to help businesses better manage and lead to chart a course to success!

Steadfast towards your success

Marc Charbonneau graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada in 1999 with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree.  He then served with the Royal Canadian Navy as a Naval Combat Systems Engineering Officer.  Highlights of his military career include a six-month NATO deployment in 2001 and a six-month tour in the Sudan as a United Nations Military Observer in 2005-2006.

Upon retirement from the RCN in 2007, Marc joined Lockheed Martin Canada as a systems engineering manager.  In this role, he supported the successful capture of the Halifax Class Modernization Project and led the training Sub-Integrated Product Team.  He was then promoted to a Program Manager position overseeing the software development of the VISTA synthetic maintenance trainers.

Marc then transitioned to Bluedrop for a short time in 2014 as their Director of Sales and Marketing, securing several contracts to supply computer based training modules to various customers.

In late 2014, Marc joined Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems as a Senior Program Manager for the RCN's Victoria class Submarine Towed Array Sonar System.  He successfully doubled the contract funding ceiling with a long term sustainability plan for this unique capability.  He was then promoted to Head of Programs in 2016.  In 2018, he joined Maritime Systems' executive team as the Director of Programs and Engineering.  In these roles, he was a critical figure in leading the successful capture of the Underwater Warfare Suite Upgrade and the Canadian Surface Combatant Anti-Submarine Warfare Sensor Suite contracts.  As a result of these recent big wins for Maritime Systems, Marc successfully grew his team from 47 to 76 engineers to continue delivering on Canadian, US, Indian, Australian, Dutch, and Japanese Sonar programs.

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